Security & protection project delivered to a
Japanese digital product manufacturer in China
Cabling project delivered to the headquarter of a
Japanese printer manufacturer in Beijing
Panasonic DMZ network construction Ajinomoto virtualizaiton project Enterprise network project delivered to a
Japanese tyre manufacturer in Suzhou
In this project, the network devices and the equipment at the IDC rooms of all the branches nationwide require modernization while the internal mail system of the company needs upgrade from the Postfix system which works on Linxu platform to the Exchange 2013 mail system which works on Windows Server 2012; the automatic mail "push" function is also required from mobile terminal. Through this virtualization project, we've built the Exchange mail system based on the virtual platform VMware to satisfy the daily communication via correspondence, mobility enchanceme of information exchange required by the client. While the entire hardware is upgraded, its processing capacity is also improved with flexibility and extensibility to support the business development of the client.