Security & protection project delivered to a
Japanese digital product manufacturer in China
Cabling project delivered to the headquarter of a
Japanese printer manufacturer in Beijing
Panasonic DMZ network construction Ajinomoto virtualizaiton project Enterprise network project delivered to a
Japanese tyre manufacturer in Suzhou
The network team collects requirements from the client, select equipment, develope proposals, execute project and provide maintenance service.
The project includes various typical network devices including traditional CISCO routers, switches of 2 layers, 3 layers and 4 layers, CISCO ASA firewall,JUNIPER SRX firewall, A10 load balancer, LINKPROOF load balancer, JUNIPER SA SSLVPN device, Soliton DHCP device, JP ONE network management equipment, PacketShaper, VM virtualization, digital certificate system, CISCO ISE authentication system, Windows zone system, and other relative network server equipment and technologies.